Bergamot translation models

You have reached this web page, because you were interested in the bergamot browser translation models. This webpage will provide a step by step guide of how to use them.

Get marian

Compile the bergamot fork of marian. Use the -DUSE_SENTENCEPIECE=ON flag when configuring the cmake project. This is the only non-default flag.

Download the translation model

Download and extract the tarball for the desired language pair:


Once you extract the tarball, you will be presented with a directories containing the translation model.

The directories will be named $SRCTRG$.student.tiny11 or $SRCTRG$.student.base. Inside those directories you will find model files, an example configuration file (.yml) and an example .sh file for running the models with marian.

You need to edit the .sh script, providing the path to the MARIAN executable and once this is done you can run the example.

Model details

Additional details about the translation models (such as size, BLEU score, etc) is also available: