Statistical Machine Translation at the University of Edinburgh

The dream of automatically translating documents from foreign languages into English (or between any two languages) is one of the oldest pursuits of artificial intelligence research. Armed with vast amounts of example translations and powerful computers, we can witness significant progress toward achieving that dream. Our group exploits large datasets of translated and monolingual text to learn translation with statistical models, with a current focus on neural models.




  • Gongbo Tang (PhD student, Uppsala University), March-August 2018
  • Gozde Gul Sahin (PhD student, Istanbul Technical University), May-November 2017
  • Jindra Helcl (PhD student, Charles University) October 2016-March 2017
  • Shuoyang Ding (PhD student, Johns Hopkins), Jun-Aug 2015
  • Chara Tsoukala (PhD student, U Groningen), Feb-Aug 2013
  • Youzheng Wu (NICT), Mar-Jun 2013
  • Jesús González Rubio (researcher, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia), Jun-Aug 2010
  • Anoop Sarkar (associate professor, Simon Fraser U.), Sep 2009-Apr 2010
  • Andreas Zollmann (PhD student, CMU), Jul-Aug 2009
  • Juri Ganitkevitch (Phd student, Johns Hopkins), Jul-Aug 2009
  • Chris Dyer (Phd student, U. Maryland), Feb-Mar 2009




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