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Reading and Research Group

There are many people here in Edinburgh working on statistical machine translation. This group meets once a week to exchange ideas, discuss research, or review work in the field. The format is informal. Questions should be directed to statmt@inf.ed...

The meetings take place:

  • Wednesdays
  • at 15:00
  • duration: 1h
  • location: room IF 2.33, unless otherwise noted (room bookings made up to 04 January 2017; room 4.31/4.33 on May 31, 2017; room 1.16 on Aug 9, 2017)

Invited speakers

Next Meeting(s)


May 224.31Christos
May 154.31Nick
May 82.33Kenneth
May 14.31Rico

Default Order of Slot Assignments:

Rico, Kenneth, Nick, Christos, Tom, Arturo, Phil, Antonio, Biao, Rachel, Maxi, Alham, Denis, Anna, Barry, Lexi, Roman, Uli,

Previous Meetings


May 14.31Rico: Pay Less Attention with Lightweight and Dynamic Convolutions
Apr 244.31Uli: Competence-based Curriculum Learning forNeural Machine Translation
Apr 174.31Roman: Review of participation in the BEA19 shared task on automatic grammatical error correction
Apr 104.31Lexi: Super-Convergence: Very Fast Training of NeuralNetworks Using Large Learning Rates
Apr 34.31Barry: Margin-based Parallel Corpus Mining with Multilingual Sentence Embeddings
Mar 272.33Alham: Talk on asynchronous transformer training
Mar 204.31Anna: Practice talk - Syntactic Neural Machine Translation
Mar 132.33Maxi: PhD research presentation
Mar 64.31Rachel Rapid Adaptation of Neural Machine Translation to New Languages
Feb 272.33Antonio "Glow: Generative Flow with Invertible 1x1 Convolutions"
Feb 204.31Denis: First-year review
Feb 132.33Biao: Review of recent work
Feb 62.33Nick "Cross-lingual Language Model Pretraining"
Jan 302.33WMT'19 preparations
Jan 232.33Intel
Jan 162.33Phil: End-to-End Automatic Speech Translation of Audiobooks, Towards Unsupervised Speech-to-Text Translation
Jan 94.31Kenneth: Intel AI Research presentations
Dec 194.31Rico, Talk on recent results and ongoing work on word sense disambiguation and low-resource NMT.
Dec 124.31Anna: Forest-Based Neural Machine Translation, Incorporating Syntactic Uncertainty in Neural Machine Translation with a Forest-to-Sequence Model
Dec 52.33Roman An Empirical Exploration of Curriculum Learning for Neural Machine Translation
Nov 282.33Lexi Meta-Learning for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation
Nov 212.33EMNLP review
Nov 142.33Barry; Semi-supervised machine translation
Nov 73.02Alham; Second year review
Oct 31-Cancelled due to EMNLP'18
Oct 242.33Denis; Suggested reading is: Why Self-Attention? A Targeted Evaluation of Neural Machine Translation Architectures
Oct 174.31Biao: Dry-run for upcoming EMNLP talk
Oct 102.33Antonio
Oct 033.02; 15:00-16:30Kenneth
Sep 261.15Phil, multilingual NMT and How Much Attention Do You Need? A Granular Analysis of Neural Machine Translation Architectures
Sep 191.15Ulrich: Two recent papers by Marcin: Dual Conditional Cross-Entropy Filtering of Noisy Parallel Corpora and How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Data
Sep 121.152pm: Deyi Xiong: Neural Machine Translation: Data-Driven or Knowledge-Driven?
3pm: Anna's second year review
Sep 051.16Nick "Understanding Back-Translation at Scale"
Aug 294.31Maxi's progression to PhD review
Aug 224.31ACL'18 review
Aug 154.31Jindra; Discussion of end-to-end training of non-autoregressive NMT models using CTC and of methods for combining inputs in the multi-source scenario for the transformer model
Aug 84.31Rico; Suggested reading was "Subword Regularization: Improving Neural Network Translation Models with Multiple Subword Candidates"
Aug 14.31Canceled due to summer break.
July 254.31Canceled due to summer break.
July 184.31Canceled due to summer break / ACL'18.
July 114.31Rico; Dry run for the ACL talk.
July 44.31Lexi; Suggested reading was "The Natural Language Decathlon: Multitask Learning as Question Answering"
June 274.31Meeting canceled.
June 204.31Roman; We discussed the submissions of the "Marian" team to the WNMT 2018 shared task, suggested reading is: "Marian: Cost-effective High-Quality Neural Machine Translation in C++"
June 131.15Duygu; Suggested reading was "Compositional Representation of Morphologically-Rich Input for Neural Machine Translation", "Compositional Source Word Representations for Neural Machine Translation"
June 64.31Barry: WMT18 debrief & discussion of possible strategies for the system paper.
May 304.31Denis; Suggested reading was "Phrase-Based & Neural Unsupervised Machine Translation"
May 234.31Alham talked about recent achievements in multi-node training in Marian.
May 164.31Lexi; Suggested reading was: "Using Morphological Knowledge in Open-Vocabulary Neural Language Models"
May 94.31Rico; Suggested reading was: "The Best of Both Worlds: Combining Recent Advances in Neural Machine Translation"
May 24.31Phil; Suggested reading was: "Universal Neural Machine Translation for Extremely Low Resource Languages"
Apr 254.31Maxi talked about her work on crowd-sourcing in-domain parallel data for improving NMT performance.
Apr 184.31Antonio. Suggested reading was: "Attention Solves Your TSP"
Apr 114.31No meeting.
Apr 44.31Kenneth talked about browser-based multilingual translation and the perils of parallel corpus mining.
Mar 284.31Roman presented his recent research.
Mar 211.15Nick presented his current research.
Mar 144.31Uli talked about translation quality evaluation. Suggested reading: "Multi-Domain Neural Machine Translation through Unsupervised Adaptation", optional reading: "Dynamic Data Selection for Neural Machine Translation"
Mar 74.31Meeting canceled.
Feb 284.31Meeting canceled.
Feb 214.31Anna discussed her recent research. Related paper: "Learning to Compose Task-Specific Tree Structures"
Feb 144.31Barry "Synthetic and Natural Noise Both Break Neural Machine Translation" (bonus paper: "How Robust Are Character-Based Word Embeddings in Tagging and MT Against Wrod Scramlbing or Randdm Nouse?")
Feb 74.31Alham: first-year review (related paper: "Sparse Communication for Distributed Gradient Descent")
Jan 314.31Rico: "Unsupervised Machine Translation Using Monolingual Corpora Only" (related paper: "Unsupervised Neural Machine Translation")
Jan 244.31WMT discussion
Jan 174.31Maxi will talk about her MSc research proposal
Jan 104.31Antonio will discuss his recent research. Related paper: "The Shattered Gradients Problem: If resnets are the answer, then what is the question?"
Jan 34.31no meeting


Dec 274.31no meeting
Dec 204.31no meeting
Dec 134.31Phil: "Modeling Past and Future for Neural Machine Translation"
Dec 64.31meeting cancelled
Nov 295.42Jorg Tiedemann is visiting Edinburgh and will give a talk on his work
Nov 224.31Nick. Details/papers-to-read at the Private weekly meeting page..
Nov 151.15Kenneth: funding proposals
Nov 84.31Uli: "Non-Autoregressive Neural Machine Translation"
Nov 14.31Roman: Marian
Oct 251.16Lexi: "Improving Lexical Choice in Neural Machine Translation"
Oct 181.15Anna: NMT with tree-structured outputs "Tree-Structured Decoding with Doubly-Recurrent Neural Networks" and "Towards Neural Machine Translation with Latent Tree Attention"
Oct 111.15Barry: Low-resource NMT "Data Augmentation for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation"
Oct 41.15Rico: Transformer model "Attention Is All You Need"
Sep 29 (Friday), 11:00-12:004.31Maria's post-viva talk
Sep 204.31EMNLP 2017 review
Sep 134.31Tomasz on his work on speech translation
Sep 62.33Cancelled due to EMNLP 2017
Aug 302.33dry runs before EMNLP/WMT": Desmond, Anna, Antonio
Aug 232.33Cancelled
Aug 162.33Roman: Grammatical Error Correction
Aug 92.33Phil: NMT with reconstruction (HIML)
Aug 22.33ACL 2017 review
Jul 262.33Dominikus on discourse-aware SMT evaluation
Jul 192.33Rico on WMT
Jul 122.33Mikel Forcada on gap-filling evaluation.
Jul 52.33Antonio on Deep models in Nematus
Jun 282.33The SUMMA Platform (Demo --- Uli)
Jun 212.33Kenneth on FPGA
Jun 142.33Mark Fishel is going to Edinburgh and gives a talk: "Paraphrasing with NMT, ngram embeddings and interactivity"
Jun 72.33Translation from Speech "Sequence-to-Sequence Models Can Directly Transcribe Foreign Speech" "Towards speech-to-text translation without speech recognition"
May 312.33Change: start at 3:30pm Rachel: Dialogue translation
May 232.33Desmond onhis work on multi-modal translation (joint with prob models seminar).
May 172.33Maria talks about her work on syntax-aware NMT
May 102.33Soňa talks about her research
May 32.33Jozef: NMT and GANs "Adversarial Neural Machine Translation"
Apr 262.33Break: Amazon Workshop
Apr 192.33Anna on string-tree NMT models. "Parse and Translate Improves Neural Machine Translation" "Towards String-to-Tree Neural Machine Translation"
Apr 122.33Rico: Joint Training for Pivot-based Neural Machine Translation
Apr 52.33Tomasz: A Convolutional Encoder Model for Neural Machine Translation
Mar 292.33Barry: Evolution Strategies as a Scalable Alternative to Reinforcement Learning.
Mar 222.33Antonio on Evolution Strategies as a Scalable Alternative to Reinforcement Learning.
Mar 152.33Jindra on his paper: Attention Strategies for Multi-Source Sequence-to-Sequence Learning.
Mar 082.33Uli on domain adaption approaches.
Mar 012.33Dominikus on his current work.
Feb 232.33Phil propose the following papers: "Neural Machine Translation with Reconstruction" and "Neural Machine Translation Advised by Statistical Machine Translation".
Feb 152.33Kenneth: On using Microsoft Azure
Feb 82.33Nick: Decoding with Finite-State Transducers on GPUs
Feb 12.33(Lexi) Paper discussion: Outrageously Large Neural Networks: The Sparsely-Gated Mixture-of-Experts Layer.
Jan 252.33Marcin on his current work.
Jan 182.33(Soňa) Paper discussion: Decoding as Continuous Optimization in Neural Machine Translation
Jan 112.33(Anna) Paper discussion: Ensemble Learning for Multi-Source Neural Machine Translation


Dec 142.33(Jozef) Paper discussion: Incorporating Discrete Translation Lexicons into Neural Machine Translation
Dec 72.33(Barry) Paper discussion: Dual Learning for Machine Translation'' by He et al.
Nov 232.33(Tomasz) Paper discussion: Google's Multilingual Neural Machine Translation System: Enabling Zero-Shot Translation by Google
Nov 232.33(Rico) Paper discussion: Neural Machine Translation in Linear Time Nal Kalchbrenner, Lasse Espeholt, Karen Simonyan, Aaron van den Oord, Alex Graves, Koray Kavukcuoglu
Nov 162.33Maria presents her present work, group discussion of thesis outline
Nov 92.33Mikel Forcada: Towards an effort-driven combination of translation technologies in computer-aided translation
Nov 22.33Cancelled due to EMNLP.
Oct 262.33Antotio leaded discussion on domain adaptation. Suggested papers: Adaptation of Maximum Entropy Capitalizer: Little Data Can Help a Lot, A Theoretically Grounded Application of Dropout in Recurrent Neural Networks, Low-rank passthrough neural networks.
Oct 192.33Phil on Fully Character-Level Neural Machine Translation without Explicit Segmentation
Oct 122.33Uli on Learning to Translate in Real-time with Neural Machine Translation
Oct 51.16Kenneth presents his proposal which he sent to Amazon/Google.
Sept 71.16Mikel Forcada will talk on Gap-filling as a method to evaluate the usefulness of raw machine translation
Aug 312.33Lexi will lead the discussion on Modeling Coverage for Neural Machine Translation Zhaopeng Tu; Zhengdong Lu; Yang Liu; Xiaohua Liu; Hang Li
Aug 242.33Marcin will lead a discussion on Incorporating Copying Mechanism in Sequence-to-Sequence Learning Jiatao Gu, Zhengdong Lu, Hang Li, Victor O.K. Li
Barry will lead a discussion on Minimum Risk Training for Neural Machine Translation Shiqi Shen; Yong Cheng; Zhongjun He; Wei He; Hua Wu; Maosong Sun; Yang Liu
Aug 172.33ACL review + future plans
Aug 32.33Maria will give WMT dry run
Modeling Selectional Preferences of Verbs and Nouns in String-to-Tree Machine Translation
Jul 272.33Rico will give ACL/WMT dry runs
Linguistic Input Features Improve Neural Machine Translation
Improving Neural Machine Translation Models with Monolingual Data
Jul 20-cancelled (candidate talks in speech technology)
Jul 132.33Federico will lead the discussion on Omri Abend's work on parsing UCCA
Jul 62.33Antonio will present
Simultaneous Machine Translation using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Harsh Satija, Joelle Pineau (2016)
Jun 291.16Phil will lead the discussion on the following short papers
LSTM Neural Reordering Feature for Statistical Machine Translation
Yiming Cui, Shijin Wang, Jianfeng Li (2016)
Interpretese vs. Translationese: The Uniqueness of Human Strategies in Simultaneous Interpretation
He He, Jordan Boyd-Graber, Hal Daumé III (2016)
Jun 152.33David will present his current work
Jun 81.16Barry, Lexi and Marcin will give short presentations about their current work
Jun 12.33Group discussion:
Tree-to-Sequence Attentional Neural Machine Translation
Akiko Eriguchi, Kazuma Hashimoto, and Yoshimasa Tsuruoka (2016)
May 251.16Mix and Match meeting. Antonio will talk about his extended abstract, CDT students might present posters.
May 18n/aNo meeting, principal's coming to talk.
May 11n/aNo meeting, due to too many presentations from candidates this week
May 42.33Rico will talk about his success in WMT. Marcin will talk about making neuralMT fast.
Apr 274.31/4.33Karin Sim Smith will talk about her work on automatically assessing coherence in SMT. She's visiting Bonnie from Sheffield
Apr 202.33Antonio will talk about what brings him to Edinburgh and his work
Apr 131.16Barry, Kenneth and Naomi are going to give short talks/presentations
Apr 62.33Short presentations by Federico, Dominikus, Clara and David
Mar 301.16Marcin will talk about his current work and what brings him to Edinburgh
Mar 232.33Nick will talk about his unhealthy obsession with logographic writing systems. And maybe AMR.
Vote/discuss a few options for future meetings.
Mar 16n/aNo meeting (lecturer in machine learning candidate talks on the day)
Mar 9IF 2.33Rico will talk about his NAACL short paper: "Controlling Politeness in Neural Machine Translation via Side Constraints"
Uli will talk about his recent work on fast domain adaptation using LSI
Mar 3 (Thursday), 09:00-10:00IF 4.31/4.33Liane's pre-viva talk.
Feb 24IF 2.33Discussion starting point:
Last Words: Computational Linguistics and Deep Learning
Christopher D. Manning (2015)
Feb 17IF 1.16Maria will present her current work.
Feb 10IF 2.33Nathan on semantic maps (sections 3.1, 3.2, and 5 optional):
The geometry of grammatical meaning: Semantic maps and cross-linguistic comparison
Martin Haspelmath (2000)
Feb 3IF 1.16Kenneth.
Jan 27IF 2.33Phil will talk about his work/book.
Jan 20IF 1.16Liling, visiting from Saarbrücken, will talk about his work.
Jan 13IF 2.33Planning meeting.


16 DecLast meeting this year.
9 DecLexi will present current work.
2 DecRico will present:
Neural Machine Translation of Rare Words with Subword Units
Rico Sennrich, Barry Haddow, Alexandra Birch (2015)
Improving Neural Machine Translation Models with Monolingual Data
Rico Sennrich, Barry Haddow, Alexandra Birch (2015)
25 NovNo group meeting (cf. deep learning workshop).
18 NovNick will present:
Investigations on Phrase-based Decoding with Recurrent Neural Network Language and Translation Models
Tamer Alkhouli, Felix Rietig, and Hermann Ney (2015)
11 NovMatthias will present work on TraMOOC.
Mixed-Domain vs. Multi-Domain Statistical Machine Translation (p.240)
M. Huck, A. Birch, and B. Haddow (2015)
4 NovNo meeting (cf. ILCC seminar at 14:00).
28 OctBonnie will present:
Neural Reranking Improves Subjective Quality of Machine Translation
Graham Neubig, Makoto Morishita, Satoshi Nakamura (2015)
David will present:
Latent Domain Translation Models in Mix-of-Domains Haystack
Hoang Cuong and Khalil Sima’an (2014)
Note: different room: IF 2.33
21 OctBarry will present:
Finding Function in Form: Compositional Character Models for Open Vocabulary Word Representation
Ling et al (2015)
Character-Aware Neural Language Models
Kim et al (2015)
14 OctNo meeting (cf. Data Science Research Day).
7 OctEMNLP review session II.
30 SeptFederico will present his current work:
"Translating textual negation: a customisable approach for SMT systems".
Note different room: IF 2.33
23 SeptEMNLP review session.
16 SeptNo meeting.
9 SeptDominikus will talk about his recent work.
2 SeptKenneth will present:
Syntax-based Simultaneous Translation through Prediction of Unseen Syntactic Constituents
Yusuke Oda; Graham Neubig; Sakriani Sakti; Tomoki Toda; Satoshi Nakamura (2015)
Aug 26Liane will give her DiscoMT dry run.
Aug 19Rico will do two EMNLP dry runs:
Modelling and Optimizing on Syntactic N-Grams for Statistical Machine Translation. (TACL)
A Joint Dependency Model of Morphological and Syntactic Structure for Statistical Machine Translation. EMNLP 2015 (short)
Note: different room: IF 1.16
Aug 12Adam will present:
Constraint-Based Models of Lexical Borrowing
Yulia Tsvetkov, Waleed Ammar, and Chris Dyer (2015)
Aug 5Christian will present:
Improving Evaluation of Machine Translation Quality Estimation
Yvette Graham (2015)
July 29MSc student presentations
Note: meeting slightly longer until 16:30
In room IF 4.31/4.33
July 22Uli will talk about his current research
July 15Improving the Translation of Discourse Markers for Chinese into English
David Steele
Discourse and Document-level Information for Evaluating Language Output Tasks
Carolina Scarton
July 8No meeting (time clash with ML lecture).
July 1Nathan will present:
Locally Non-Linear Learning for Statistical Machine Translation via Discretization and Structured Regularization
Jonathan H. Clark, Chris Dyer and Alon Lavie (2014)
June 24Lexi will present:
Latent Domain Phrase-based Models for Adaptation
Hoang Cuong and Khalil Sima’an (2014)
June 17no meeting (Valhalla systems information session at 10am).
Note: back to the old room IF 3.02 from now on
June 10NAACL session (short summary/discussion of 6-8 NAACL papers)
Note: different room: IF 1.15
June 3Matthias will present:
A Comparison of Update Strategies for Large-Scale Maximum Expected BLEU Training
J. Wuebker, S. Muehr, P. Lehnen, S. Peitz, and H. Ney (2015)
Note: different room: IF 1.15
May 27Maria will talk about her current work.
Note: different room: IF 1.15
May 20Phil will present:
Semantic Roles for String to Tree Machine Translation
Marzieh Bazrafshan and Daniel Gildea (2013)
Comparing Representations of Semantic Roles for String-To-Tree Decoding
Marzieh Bazrafshan and Daniel Gildea (2014)
Note: different room: IF 1.15
May 13Federico will present his work (NAACL dry run)
Note: different room: IF 1.15
May 6Nick will present his current work.
Apr 29Liane will present:
Assessing the Discourse Factors that Influence the Quality of Machine Translation
Junyi Jessy Li, Marine Carpuat and Ani Nenkova (2014)
Optional reading:
Cross-lingual Discourse Relation Analysis: A corpus study and a semi-supervised classification system
(same authors)
Apr 22Lexi will present:
On Using Monolingual Corpora in Neural Machine Translation
Gulcehre et al. (2015)
Apr 15Barry will present:
Multi-Target Machine Translation with Multi-Synchronous Context-free Grammars
Graham Neubig, Philip Arthur, Kevin Duh (2015)
Apr 8Rico will present:
Addressing the Rare Word Problem in Neural Machine Translation
Minh-Thang Luong, Ilya Sutskever, Quoc V. Le, Oriol Vinyals, Wojciech Zaremba (2014).
Apr 1Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski will talk about:
"What we Know about Discourse and Genre from Corpus-Based Studies and how it is Relevant for (Machine) Translation".
Mar 25No meeting (cf. Jonathan May's ILCC seminar talk)
Mar 18Matthias will present:
Large Scale Expected BLEU Training of Phrase-based Reordering Models
M. Auli, M. Galley, and J. Gao (2014)
Mar 11Adam will present:
Why Most Published Research Findings Are False
John P. A. Ioannidis (2005)
Mar 4Uli will present:
Generating Text with Recurrent Neural Networks
Ilya Sutskever, James Martens, Geoffrey Hinton (2011)
Feb 25No meeting (Open Source Awards).
Feb 18Federico will present:
Use of Modality and Negation in Semantically-Informed Syntactic MT
only sections 3-7.2 (included)
Feb 11Dominikus will present:
Latent Anaphora Resolution for Cross-Lingual Pronoun Prediction
Christian Hardmeier Jörg Tiedemann Joakim Nivre
Feb 4No meeting (project kickoff).
Jan 28Maria will present:
Dependency-Based Bilingual Language Models for Reordering in Statistical Machine Translation
Ekaterina Garmash and Christof Monz
Additional paper (time permitting):
Phrasal Cohesion and Statistical Machine Translation
Heidi J. Fox
Jan 21Bonnie will present:
Language models for machine translation: Original vs. translated texts.
Gennadi Lembersky, Noam Ordan, and Shuly Wintner, 2012
Additional reading (optional):
Improving statistical machine translation by adapting translation models to translationese.
Gennadi Lembersky, Noam Ordan, and Shuly Wintner, 2013
Barry (Project meeting feedback)
Jan 14Nathan will present:
A Comparison of MT Errors and ESL Errors
Homa B. Hashemi, Rebecca Hwa
Jan 7Planning meeting


Dec 17Lexi talks about ongoing work, IWSLT and #newsHack
Dec 11Maria's second-year review
Dec 3Modeling Term Translation for Document-informed Machine Translation
Fandong Meng, Deyi Xiong, Wenbin Jiang, Qun Liu
Nov 26Lexi will talk about ongoing work in collaboration with CSTR.
Please read the paper she sent around.
Nov 19Mini-presentations from everyone about their work (continued-2).
Nov 12Mini-presentations from everyone about their work (continued).
Nov 5Welcoming Adam with mini-presentations from everyone about their work.
Note: Unusual room IF 2.33
October 29Jointly Learning Word Representations and Composition Functions Using Predicate-Argument Structures
Kazuma Hashimoto, Pontus Stenetorp, Makoto Miwa and Yoshimasa Tsuruoka
October 22Using subcategorization knowledge to improve case prediction for translation to German
Marion Weller, Alexander Fraser, Sabine Schulte im Walde
October 15dry run of SSST-8 paper (A CYK+ Variant for SCFG Decoding Without a Dot Chart) by Rico Sennrich
October 8Graph-based Semi-Supervised Learning of Translation Models from Monolingual Data
Avneesh Saluja, Hany Hassan, Kristina Toutanova, Chris Quirk
October 1EU Project details.
September 24Federico will present his work on negations in SMT:
Applying the semantics of negation to SMT through n-best list re-ranking
Federico Fancellu, Bonnie Webber
September 17MEANT: An inexpensive, high-accuracy, semi-automatic metric for evaluating translation utility based on semantic roles (2011)
Chi-kiu Lo and Dekai Wu
(optional: Improving machine translation by training against an automatic semantic frame based evaluation metric (2013)
Chi-kiu Lo and Karteek Addanki and Markus Saers and Dekai Wu)
September 10no meeting (MT Marathon)
September 3A Sense-Based Translation Model for Statistical Machine Translation
Deyi Xiong and Min Zhang
August 27Carlos will talk about his work on phrasal verbs in MT:
How hard is it to automatically translate phrasal verbs from English to French?
Carlos Ramisch, Laurent Besacier, Alexander Kobzar
Note: unusual room IF 1.15.
August 20Massively Parallel Suffix Array Queries and On-Demand Phrase Extraction for Statistical Machine Translation Using GPUs
Hua He, Jimmy Lin, Adam Lopez
August 13An Empirical Comparison of Features and Tuning for Phrase-based Machine Translation
Spence Green, Daniel Cer and Christopher Manning
On the Elements of an Accurate Tree-to-String Machine Translation System
Graham Neubig; Kevin Duh
Thursday, August 7Naomi will talk about the JHU Workshop on Abstract Meaning Representations for SMT
Additional reading:
A Discriminative Graph-Based Parser for the Abstract Meaning Representation
Jeffrey Flanigan; Sam Thomson; Jaime Carbonell; Chris Dyer; Noah A. Smith
Note: unusual date.
Room: IF 3.02
Time: 15:00
July 30Enhancing Grammatical Cohesion: Generating Transitional Expressions for SMT
Mei Tu, Yu Zhou, Chengqing Zong
Using Discourse Structure Improves Machine Translation Evaluation
Francisco Guzmán; Shafiq Joty; Lluís Màrquez; Preslav Nakov
July 23Speaker: Shuly Wintner (University of Haifa)
Title: "The Features of Translationese: Computational Approaches to Translation Studies"
Room: IF 4.31/4.33
(joint meeting with ProbModels group)
July 16A Unified Model for Soft Linguistic Reordering Constraints in Statistical Machine Translation
Junhui Li, Yuval Marton, Philip Resnik and Hal Daumé III
Bilingually-constrained Phrase Embeddings for Machine Translation
Jiajun Zhang, Shujie Liu, Mu Li, Ming Zhou and Chengqing Zong
July 91. Feedback from ACL
2. Fast and Robust Neural Network Joint Models for Statistical Machine Translation
Jacob Devlin, Rabih Zbib, Zhongqiang Huang, Thomas Lamar, Richard Schwartz and John Makhoul.
July 2Feedback from ACL (postponed to next week)
June 25No meeting (ACL)
June 18Compositional Morphology for Word Representations and Language Modelling
Jan A. Botha and Phil Blunsom
June 11Lexi IWSLT ideas:
Augmenting Translation Models with Simulated Acoustic Confusions for Improved Spoken Language Translation
EACL 2014, Yulia Tsvetkov Florian Metze Chris Dyer
June 4"Minimum Translation Modeling with Recurrent Neural Networks"
Yuening Hu, Michael Auli, Qin Gao and Jianfeng Gao
May 20Chara
April 30Hieu
Translation Model search space.
April 23No meeting
April 16SenseSpotting: Never let your parallel data tie you to an old domain
A Semantic Evaluation of Machine Translation Lexical Choice
April 9Christian
April 2Phil
Spence Green and John DeNero: A Class-Based Agreement Model for Generating Accurately Inflected Translations
March 26Marcin
(room 4.31)
March 19Measuring Machine Translation Errors in New Domains
March 11Eva's DDD: room 4.31 at 12.30
March 4Dominikus will lead the discussion about the following papers
Modeling Lexical Cohesion for Document-Level Machine Translation
Lexical Chain Based Cohesion Models for Document-Level Statistical Machine Translation
Feburary 26Eva and Liane will talk about their work
Feburary 19Maria and Phil will talk about morphology and what they did in their WMT submission
Feburary 12Barry talking about the medical translation task at WMT14
Feburary 5Nadir will talk about his transliteration research
Barry will discuss about the English-Hindi task at WMT14
January 29Rudolf Rosa
Depfix: Automatic Post-editing of Phrase-based Machine Translation Outputs
January 22Thomas Meyer's talk: Handling Verb Tense for SMT
paper by Marta Ruiz Costa-Jussa : A Semantic Feature for Statistical Machine Translation
January 15Jörg Tiedemann, Preslav Nakov: Analyzing the Use of Character-Level Translation with Sparse and Noisy Datasets. RANLP 2013.
Vladimir Eidelmann, Yuval Marton, Philip Resnik: Online Relative Margin Maximization for Statistical Machine Translation. ACL 2013.
January 8Planning meeting


December 18Learning a Phrase-based Translation Model from Monolingual Data with Application to Domain Adaptation
December 11Shift-reduce word reordering for MT
Distortion Model Considering Rich Context
December 4Efficient Estimation of Word Representations in Vector Space
Exploiting Similarities among Languages for Machine Translation
November 27Neural Networks
Recurrent Continuous Translation Models
Decoding with Large-Scale Neural Language Models Improves Translation
November 20Rico will talk about his research topic:
Smarter Model Learning in Syntax-based Statistical Machine Translation
Today, automatic translations from and into German are relatively bad compared to other language pairs, if we compare Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) systems with the same learning algorithms and similar amounts of training data. One reason are syntactic phenomena in German such as non-contiguous verb complexes and long-range inter-dependencies such as subject-verb agreement, which are poorly modelled in traditional SMT models. Syntactic models have been proposed which have the potential to overcome these technical limitations.

However, syntactic models introduce new challenges, primarily the fact that syntactic constraints at learning time result in sparser data compared to models without syntactic constraints. Thus, the constraints are typically relaxed to avoid a huge penalty in performance because of sparsity. In this balancing-act of specific, but sparse, and (over-)generalized, less sparse translation units, I propose novel methods to achieve the necessary level of generalization, while discriminatively learning to penalize overgeneralizing rules. I also plan to utilize the rich information from syntactic parsers to learn to better model morphology in SMT.
November 13Deep Learning for NLP tutorial:
November 6Domain Adaptation
Multi-domain Adaptation for SMT Using Multi-task Learning
Monolingual Marginal Matching for Translation Model Adaptation
October 30Modelling empty categories
Enlisting the Ghost: Modeling empty categories for MT
Effects of Empty Categories on Machine Translation
October 16ACL 2013 EMNLP 2013
October 9Matthias
Reordering extensions for hierarchical translation
October 2Omri Abend and Mike Lewis talking about their work on meaning representation
September 25Barry talking about recent work
September 18Maybe Maria talking about her first year report
September 11MT Marathon break
September 4MT Marathon projects
August 28Hieu
Translation Model as a Classifier
August 21Annie
August 14Eva
August 7ACL
July 31Liane
July 24MSc presentation: ZONG Chang
Turan Rustamli
July 17MSc presentation: Carolyn (Squish) Ramsay
BRYANT Christopher
Zhang Anni
July 10NAACL reordering papers
July 3Phil will talk about the syntax-based model implementation within Moses
June 26Philipp will talk about the CASMACAT project
June 19Lexi will talk about the EU Bridge project
June 5Nadir will talk about:
Model With Minimal Translation Units, But Decode With Phrases
Joint work with: Alex Fraser and Helmut Schmid
(Rehearsal for NAACL)
Can Markov Models Over Minimal Translation Units Help Phrase-Based SMT?
Joint work with: Alex Fraser, Helmut Schmid, Hieu Hoang and Philipp Koehn
Beyond Left-to-Right: Multiple Decomposition Structures for SMT?
By: Hui Zhang, Kristina Toutanova, Chris Quirk and Jianfeng Gao
May 29Ken will talk about: HUGE I SAY HUGE language models This talk will cover fun and issues working with big language models for three unconstrained submissions to WMT. Submissions in Czech, French, and Spanish to English scored 0.8 BLEU higher than the phrase-based constrained submission. Topics include modifications to Moses and performance characteristics of supercomputers and their sysadmins. I will also present a comparison with SRILM and IRSTLM at smaller scales from a recent ACL short paper. Hieu will talk about the refactoring of Moses that has broken everyone's experiments
May 22Thomas will talk about:
Verb tense labeling for SMT
The correct translation of verb tenses is important to maintain, in the target text, the same temporal ordering of events as in the source text. We assess the utility of automatically labeling English Simple Past verbs with a binary discursive feature, narrative vs. non-narrative, for statistical machine translation into French. The narrativity feature helps deciding which of the French past tenses is a correct translation of the English Simple Past. When trained and tested on automatically labeled English-French data, the narrativity feature improves translation by 0.2 BLEU points. More importantly, manual evaluation shows that verb tense translation and verb choice are improved by respectively 9.7% and 3.4% (absolute), leading to an overall improvement of verb translation of 17% (relative).
--joint work with Cristina Grisot and Andrei Popescu-Belis--

Implicitation of discourse connectives in (machine) translation
discourse connectives in a source language text are not always translated to comparable words or phrases in the target language. We provide a corpus analysis and a method for semi-automatic detection of such cases. Results show that discourse connectives are not translated into comparable forms (or even any form at all), in up to 18% of human reference translations from English to French or German. In machine translation, this happens much less frequently (up to 8% only). Work in progress aims to capture this natural implicitation of discourse connectives in current statistical machine translation models.
--joint work with Bonnie Webber--
May 15Uli will talk about:
Making MT more robust against noisy input

Abstract: User-generated content, especially posts on online forums and in online comment sections is often noisy. In French, typical errors are missing or misplaced accents and homophone confusions. We show that by generating confusion sets based on homophony and accent removal and translating over confusion networks, we can improve translation quality both with respect to BLEU and human evaluation. We propose and evaluate several schemes for setting confusion network weights.
This is joint work with Barry Haddow, Emmanuel Rayner, Pierrette Bouillon, and Johanna Gerlach (the latter three of the University of Geneva), conducted under the Accept Project.
May 8No meeting
May 1Youzheng will talk about using neural networks for the translation model
Continuous Space Translation Models for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation by Holger Schwenk
Factored Language Model based on Recurrent Neural Network by Youzheng Wu, Xugang Lu, Hitoshi Yamamoto, Shigeki Matsuda, Chiori Hori and Hideki Kashioka
Apr 24Maria: syntax-based SMT experiments
Hieu: 'Depth-Bound CFG' discussion
NAACL papers:
Christian: A Simple, Fast, and Effective Reparameterization of IBM Model 2 by Chris Dyer, Victor Chahuneau, Noah A. Smith
Maria: A Systematic Bayesian Treatment of the IBM Alignment Models by Yarin Gal, Phil Blunsom (was it discussed in the ML reading group?)
Beyond Left-to-Right: Multiple Decomposition Structures for SMT by Hui Zhang, Kristina Toutanova, Chris Quirk and Jianfeng Gao (emailed by Philipp)
Apr 17The whip (updates on wee projects)
Apr 10no meeting
Apr 03Barry on domain adaptation
Mar 27Annie introduces her work
Mar 20The whip (updates on wee projects)
Mar 13no meeting
Mar 06The whip (updates on wee projects)
Feb 27visiting student Thomas Meyer talks about this work: Discourse-level Analyses for Statistical Machine Translation
Feb 20Second progress report on WeeProjects?
Feb 13Nadir talks about his PhD work
Feb 06First progress report on WeeProjects?
Jan 30Christian's Review Preview
Jan 23Coling 2012 quick fire sessing?
Jan 16Project Proposals?
Jan 09Ken


Dec 19No Meeting
Dec 12Barry presents brief project overviews and Learned Prioritization for Trading Off Accuracy and Speed by Jiarong Jiang, Adam Teichert, Hal Daume III and Jason Eisner
Dec 05Miles
Nov 28Fulvio D'Antonio
Nov 21Hieu
Nov 14Liane's 1st year review preview
Nov 07Philip different room: 4.02
Oct 31Eva different room: 4.02
Oct 24Maria
Oct 17Uli
Oct 10Liane
Oct 03Christian presents:
A Machine-Learning Framework for Hybrid Machine Translation web by Christian Federmann
A Detailed Analysis of Phrase-based and Syntax-based Machine Translation: The Search for Systematic Differences pdf by RSZ Kaljahi, R Rubino, J Roturier, J Foster, BB Park
Sep 26cookies and maybe some discussion about significance
Sep 19Kenneth's thesis proposal
Sep 5MT Marathon
Aug 22Barry Continuous Space Translation Models with Neural Networks by Hai-Son Le, Alexandre Allauzen, François Yvon and Direct Error Rate Minimization for Statistical Machine Translation by Tagyoung Chung, Michel Galley
Aug 8MSc student talks by Austin Leirvik, Barbara Cervantes-Gonzalez and Sarah Oblau, plus a talk by visiting student Michael Koch
Jul 25Miles presented Prediction of Learning Curves in Machine Translation by Prasanth Kolachina; Nicola Cancedda; Marc Dymetman; Sriram Venkatapathy and Private Access to Phrase Tables for Statistical Machine Translation by Nicola Cancedda
Jul 11Eva presented Translation Model Adaptation for SMT with Monolingual Topic Information and Mixing Multiple Translation Models in Statistical Machine Translation
Jun 27Dave presented Unsupervised Translation Sense Clustering by Mohit Bansal, John DeNero and Dekang Lin
Jun 13Philipp spoke about the ISI's semantic machine translation project
May 23Miles presents:
Joint Feature Selection in Distributed Stochastic Learning for Large-Scale Discriminative Training in SMT pdf by Patrick Simianer, Stefan Riezler, Chris Dyer
Miles will not present:
Using Syntactic Head Information in Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation. pdf by Junhui Li, Zhaopeng Tu, Guodong Zhou and Josef van Genabith
Head-Driven Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation. pdf by Junhui Li, Zhaopeng Tu, Guodong Zhou and Josef van Genabith
May 16Christian led the discussion on
Putting Human Assessments of Machine Translation Systems in Order pdf by Adam Lopez
May 9quick-fire session (was Christian). Pick a paper from the EACL 2012 proceedings
Philip: Determining the placement of German verbs in English–to–German SMT by Anita Gojun; Alexander Fraser pdf
Dave: Does more data always yield better translations? by Guillem Gasco, Martha-Alicia Rocha, German Sanchis-Trilles, Jesus Andres-Ferrer and Francisco Casacuberta pdf
May 2no meeting (was:Miles)
Apr 25Barry discussed
by Arianna Bisazza and Marcello Federico
by Rico Sennrich
Apr 18Liane EACL practice talk
Apr 11Dave
Mar 14We discussed
Learning Speed-Accuracy Tradeoffs in Nondeterministic Inference Algorithms
by Eisner and Daume pdf
Toward Statistical Machine Translation without Parallel Corpora
by Alex Klementiev, Ann Irvine, Chris Callison-Burch, David Yarowsky pdf
Mar 07Liane presents
Context Adaptation in Statistical Machine Translation Using Models with Exponentially Decaying Cache
by Jorg Tiedemann pdf
Cache-based Document-level Statistical Machine Translation
by Zhebgxian Gong, Min Zhang, Guodong Zhou pdf
Feb 29Philip presents
A General-Purpose Rule Extractor for SCFG-Based Machine Translation
by Greg Hanneman and Michelle Burroughs and Alon Lavie pdf
What Can Syntax-based MT Learn from Phrase-based MT?
by Steve DeNeefe and Kevin Knight Wei Wang and Daniel Marcu pdf
Feb 22Eva will lead the discussion on
Consistent Translation using Discriminative Learning: A Translation-Memory Inspired Approach
by Ma, He, Way, van Genabith pdf
Learning to Translate with Source and Target Syntax
by Chiang pdf
Feb 15Barry presented:
A Joint Sequence Translation Model with Integrated Reordering
by Nadir Durrani; Helmut Schmid; Alexander Fraser pdf
From n-gram-based to CRF-based Translation Models
by Thomas Lavergne; Alexandre Allauzen; Josep Maria Crego; François Yvon pdf
Feb 08Oliver gave an introduction to google-test, google-mock and Dependency Injection
Feb 01Dave presented Discriminative Word Alignment with Conditional Random Fields by Phil Blunsom and Trevor Cohn pdf
Jan 25Christian lead the discussion on 2 CE papers:
Exploiting Objective Annotations for Minimising Translation Post-editing Effort, Lucia Specia, pdf, talk
Improving Machine Translation Quality Prediction with Syntactic Tree Kernels, Christian Hardmeier, pdf, talk
Jan 18Liane provided a brief introduction to her proposed topic(s) of study: Improving the translation of anaphoric pronouns in SMT and the use of paraphrasing in automatic evaluation
Jan 11Miles lead the discussion on Large Scale Parallel Document Mining for Machine Translation Jakob Uszkoreit by Jay M. Ponte Ashok C. Popat Moshe Dubiner pdf



  • Nile
  • Feature-Rich Language-Independent Syntax-Based Alignment for Statistical Machine Translation by J. Riesa, A. Irvine, and D. Marcu (EMNLP 2011) pdf
  • Hierarchical Search for Word Alignment by J. Riesa and D. Marcu (ACL 2010) pdf
EAMT 2011


  • Confidence Estimation papers
    • Exploiting Objective Annotations for Minimising Translation Post-editing Effort, Lucia Specia, pdf, talk
    • Choosing the best machine translation system to translate a sentence by using only source-language information, Felipe Sánchez-Martínez, pdf, talk
    • Improving Machine Translation Quality Prediction with Syntactic Tree Kernels, Christian Hardmeier, pdf, talk
  • Lattice MERT with FST Tools
    • Minimum Error Rate Training Semiring, Artem Sokolov and Françcois Yvon, pdf, talk
  • Phrase Extraction
    • Discriminative Weighted Alignment Matrices For Statistical Machine Translation, Nadi Tomeh, Alexandre Allauzen and François Yvon, pdf
ACL 2011


  • Translating from Morphologically Complex Languages: A Paraphrase-Based Approach, Preslav Nakov and Hwee Tou Ng, pdf
  • An exponential translation model for target language morphology, Michael Subotin, pdf
  • Faster and Smaller N-Gram Language Models, Adam Pauls, Dan Klein, pdf
  • A Joint Sequence Translation Model with Integrated Reordering, Nadir Durrani, Helmut Schmid, Alexander Fraser, pdf
Dec 14no meeting
Dec 7Philip presented Beam-Width Prediction for Efficient Context-Free Parsing by Nathan Bodenstab, Aaron Dunlop, Keith Hall, and Brian Roark
Nov 30Cancelled/Christmas & Leaving lunch
Nov 23Eva lead the discussion Structured Sparsity in Structured Prediction by Andre F. T. Martins, Noah A. Smith, Pedro M. Q. Aguiar, Mario A. T. Figueiredo and Discriminative Feature-Tied Mixture Modeling for Statistical Machine Translation by Bing Xiang and Abraham Ittycheriah
Nov 16Kenneth discussed Improvements in Dynamic Programming Beam Search for Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation by Richard Zens and Hermann Ney
Nov 9Oliver presented Triplet Lexicon Model for Statistical Machine Translation - Sasa Hasan, Juri Ganitkevitch, Hermann Ney, Jesus Andres-Ferrer and Wider Context by Using Bilingual Language Models in Machine Translation - Jan Niehues, Teresa Herrmann, Stephan Vogel and Alex Waibel
Nov 2Dave lead the discussion of A Probabilistic Forest-to-String Model for Language Generation from Typed Lambda Calculus Expressions by Wei Lu and Hwee Tou Ng
Oct 26Christian presented the following papers: The importance of encoding versus training with sparse coding and vector quantization by Adam Coates and Andrew Y. Ng and Parsing natural scenes and natural language with recursive neural networks by Richard Socher, Cliff Lin, Andrew Y. Ng and Christopher Manning
Oct 19Moses & Git
Oct 12Barry presented some domain adaptation experiments ( slides )
Oct 5Eva's first year review
Sept 28research updates
Sept 21rapid fire paper presentations
Sept 14Philip W presented his second year report
Sept 7No meeting MT marathon
Aug 31Eva discussed what she learnt at (discriminative language modelling) summer school
Aug 24No meeting
Aug 17Kenneth discussed his previous work in language modelling and future work at Edinburgh
Jul 6 - Aug 10Summer holiday
Jun 29Dave lead the discussion of the following two syscombo papers from ACL 2011: Machine Translation System Combination by Confusion Forest Taro Watanabe; Eiichiro Sumita and Minimum Bayes-risk System Combination Jesús González-Rubio; Alfons Juan; Francisco Casacuberta
Jun 22Philipp K lead the discussion of From Human to Automatic Error Classification for Machine Translation Output by Maja Popović and Aljoscha Burchardt and showed some of the work he has done recently on visualizing the output of Moses
15 JunEva UNSUPERVISED WORD ALIGNMENT WITH ARBITRARY FEATURES by Chris Dyer Jonathan Clark Alon Lavie Noah A. Smith
May 18Yang Gao discussed RULE MARKOV MODELS FOR FAST TREE-TO-STRING TRANSLATION Ashish Vaswani, Haitao Mi, Liang Huang and David Chiang
May 11No meeting
Apr 27Abby's leaving drinks
Apr 20Abby discussed his work on multi-stream language models for smt
Apr 13Dave discussed cdec decoding
Apr 6No meeting
Mar 30Philipp K: Syntax Bootcamp
Mar 23No meeting: EMNLP deadline
Mar 16Miles will lead the discussion of the following Mechanical Turk papers: Fast, Cheap, and Creative: Evaluating Translation Quality Using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk by Chris Callison-Burch and Using Mechanical Turk to Build Machine Translation Evaluation Sets by Michael Bloodgood & Chris Callison-Burch
Mar 9Eva presented Unsupervised Discriminative Language Model Training for Machine Translation using Simulated Confusion Sets by Zhifei Li and Ziyuan Wang and Sanjeev Khudanpur and Jason Eisner and Discriminative, Syntactic Language Modeling through Latent SVMs by Colin Cherry and Chris Quirk
Mar 2Philip W presented the following journal paper: Re-structuring, Re-labeling, and Re-aligning for Syntax-Based Machine Translation by Wei Wang, Jonathan May, Kevin Knight, and Daniel Marcu
Feb 23Wenduan presented his work and the following papers: Disambiguating "DE" for Chinese-English Machine Translation, Pi-Chuan Chang, Dan Jurafsky, and Christopher D. Manning and Improving Statistical Machine Translation using Word Sense Disambiguation Marine Carpuat and Dekai Wu
Feb 16Oliver presented his work on DMap, the distributed language model and Philipp K presented Efficient Parsing for Transducer Grammars John DeNero, Mohit Bansal, Adam Pauls, and Dan Klein
Feb 9Barry presented an overview of domain adaptation for SMT
Feb 2Philipp K MT Workshop talk on Morphologically Rich Languages, summarizes some of the work we have been doing here in Edinburgh
Jan 26Dave Boosting tutorial by Yoav Freund & Robert E. Schapire and Boosting-based System Combination for Machine Translation by Tong Xiao, Jingbo Zhu, Muhua Zhu, Huizhen Wang
Jan 19Planning


Dec 8ACL 2011 Abstract feedback session
Dec 1Eva presents Robust Estimation of Feature Weights in Statistical Machine Translation by Cristina Espana-Bonet and Lluıs Marquez; and Log-linear weight optimization via Bayesian Adaptation in Statistical Machine Translation by Germán Sanchis-Trilles and Francisco Casacuberta
Nov 24Barry A Hybrid Morpheme-Word Representation for Machine Translation of Morphologically Rich Languages by Minh-Thang Luong, Preslav Nakov and Min-Yen Kan ; and Syntax-to-Morphology Mapping in Factored Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation from English to Turkish by Reyyan Yeniterzi and Kemal Oflazer
Nov 17EMNLP rapid fire talks
Nov 10No meeting (AMTA)
Nov 3Yang Gao talks about her work in discriminative reordering; relevant background reading is "Soft Dependency Features for the Hierarchical Phrase-based Model"; background reading is Soft Syntactic Constraints for Hierarchical Phrased-Based Translation by Yuval Marton and Philip Resnik; and Online large-margin training of syntactic and structural translation features by David Chiang, Yuval Marton and Philip Resnik
Oct 27Philip presents SCFG Decoding Without Binarization by Mark Hopkins and Greg Langmead; and Efficient Incremental Decoding for Tree-to-String Translation by Liang Huang and Haitao Mi
Oct 20SampleRank training for MT (Barry) ( slides) Chapter 5 of Aaron Culotta's Thesis
Oct 13Student presentations by Hieu, Michael, Oliver and Philip and introductions by David and Eva
Oct 6Michael presents Type-Based MCMC by Percy Liang, Michael Jordan and Dan Klein; and Painless Unsupervised Learning with Features by Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick, Alexandre Bouchard-Coté, John DeNero and Dan Klein
Sep 29Hieu presents Machine Translation with Lattices and Forests by Haitao Mi, Liang Huang and Qun Liu; and Chapter 6 of Liang Huang's thesis (Application: Forest-based Translation) by Liang Huang
Sep 22Reports from MT Marathon; planning meeting
Sep 15MT Marathon - no meeting
Sep 8Large Scale Parallel Document Mining for Machine Translation by Jakob Uszkoreit, Jay Ponte, Ashok Popat and Moshe Dubiner; and Extracting Parallel Sentences from Comparable Corpora using Document Level Alignment by Jason R. Smith, Chris Quirk and Kristina Toutanova
Sep 1 Probabilistic Finite-State Machines—Part I by Enrique Vidal, Franck Thollard, Colin de la Higuera, Francisco Casacuberta and Rafael C. Carrasco; and Probabilistic Finite-State Machines—Part II by Enrique Vidal, Franck Thollard, Colin de la Higuera, Francisco Casacuberta and Rafael C. Carrasco.
Aug 25Dual Decomposition
Aug 18Adaptor Grammars: a framework for specifying compositional nonparametric Bayesian models. by Mark Johnson, Thomas L. Griffiths, and Sharon Goldwater; and Bayesian Inference for PCFGs via Markov Chain Monte Carlo by Mark Johnson, Thomas Griffiths and Sharon Goldwater
Aug 11Adam's CLSP workshop report
Aug 4MSc talks by Laura Elisabeth Jehl on Twitter Translation; Yang Gao on Discriminative Reordering Models; and Haizhou Qu on Visualizing Machine Translation
July 28Presentation by Rory Waite (CUED), on Language Models and Hadoop
July 21ACL conference report by Hieu and Philipp; Abhishek presents Inducing Synchronous Grammars with Slice Sampling by Phil Blunsom and Trevor Cohn
July 14No Meeting - ACL
July 7short ACL paper presentations by Abby, Hieu, Philipp and Michael
June 30Hieu presented Generalizing Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation using Rules with Adjacent Nonterminals by Hendra Setiawan and Philip Resnik; and Word Alignment with Stochastic Bracketing Linear Inversion Transduction Grammar by Markus Saers, Joakim Nivre and Dekai Wu
June 23Philipp NAACL conference report
June 16Jesús González introduction, NAACL conference reports
June 9no meeting
June 2no meeting
May 26Sasa Petrovic and Abby Levenberg NAACL practice talks.
May 12Model Combination for Machine Translation by John DeNero, Shankar Kumar, Ciprian Chelba, and Franz Och.
May 5Improved Inference for Unlexicalized Parsing by Slav Petrov and Dan Klein; and Products of Random Latent Variable Grammars by Slav Petrov
Apr 28Expected sequence similarity maximization by Cyril Allauzen, Shankar Kumar, Wolfgang Macherey, Mehryar Mohri, and Michael Riley
Apr 21Improved Models of Distortion Cost for Statistical Machine Translation by Spence Green, Michel Galley, Christopher D. Manning' Improving Phrase-Based Machine Translation with Discontiguous Phrases by Michel Galley and Christopher D. Manning
Apr 14Hieu: Forest-based Translation by Haitao Mi, Liang Huang & Qun Liu; and Context-free reordering, finite-state translation by Chris Dyer & Philip Resnik
Apr 7Loic: Generalizing Word Lattice Translation by Chris Dyer, Smaranda Muresan, & Philip Resnik; and Word Lattices for Multi-Source Translation by Josh Schroeder, Trevor Cohn, & Philipp Koehn
Mar 31Miles: Construction of Statistical Machine Translation Models with MapReduce by Chris Dyer, Aaron Cordova, Alex Mont, and Jimmy Lin; and Fully Distributed EM for Very Large Datasets by Jason Wolfe, Aria Haghighi, and Dan Klein.
Mar 24Barry: Advanced Dynamic Programming in Semiring and Hypergraph Frameworks by Liang Huang
Mar 17Sections 6&7 of Huang et al., and Asynchronous Binarization for Synchronous Grammars by John DeNero, Adam Pauls, & Dan Klein
Mar 10Binarization of Synchronous Context-Free Grammars by Liang Huang, Hao Zhang, Daniel Gildea, and Kevin Knight (read through Section 5).
Mar 3Abhishek: Lattice Minimum Bayes-Risk Decoding for Statistical Machine Translation by Roy Tromble and Shankar Kumar and Franz Och and Wolfgang Macherey (EMNLP 2008) and Efficient Minimum Error Rate Training and Minimum Bayes-Risk Decoding for Translation Hypergraphs and Lattices by Shankar Kumar, Wolfgang Macherey, Chris Dyer, & Franz Och (ACL 2009)
Feb 24Philip W: What's in a translation rule? by Michel Galley, Mark Hopkins, Kevin Knight, and Daniel Marcu; and Scalable Inference and Training of Context-Rich Syntactic Translation Models by Michel Galley, Jonathan Graehl, Kevin Knight, Daniel Marcu, Steve DeNeefe, Wei Wang, and Ignacio Thayer
Feb 17Adam: Approximate Factoring for A* Search by Aria Haghighi, John DeNero, & Dan Klein; An Efficient A* Search Algorithm for Statistical Machine Translation by Franz Josef Och, Nicola Ueffing, & Hermann Ney
Feb 10Michael -- Hierarchical Search for Parsing and K-Best A* Parsing, by Adam Pauls and Dan Klein
Feb 3Oliver Wilson on distributed language models
Jan 20Abby Levenberg report on JHU project


Dec 15A Hierarchical Bayesian Language Model Based On Pitman-Yor Processes by Yee Whye Teh; and Interpolating Between Types and Tokens by Estimating Power-Law Generators by Sharon Goldwater et al. (also see A parallel training algorithm for hierarchical Pitman-Yor process language models by Songfang Huang and Steve Renals)
Dec 1NAACL abstract critiques. See also: Simon Peyton Jones' advice on How to write a research paper
Nov 24Lexi - Bayesian Inference with Tears by Kevin Knight
Nov 17Hieu: more adventures with Moses, and Joint Decoding with Multiple Translation Models by Liu et al.
Nov 10Adam: Semiring Parsing
Nov 3Abhishek: All about non-local features and incorporating them into models efficiently. A Smorgasbord of Features for Statistical Machine Translation by Och et al.; Forest Reranking: Discriminative Parsing with Non-Local Features. by Liang Huang; and Incorporating Non-local Information Into Information Extraction Systems By Gibbs Sampling by Finkel et al.
Oct 27forest-based concensus and MBR algorithms: Fast Concensus Decoding over Translation Forests by John DeNero, David Chiang, & Kevin Knight (ACL 2009); and Efficient Minimum Error Rate Training and Minimum Bayes-Risk Decoding for Translation Hypergraphs and Lattices by Shankar Kumar, Wolfgang Macherey, Chris Dyer, & Franz Och (ACL 2009)
Oct 20Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation by David Chiang
13 OctAnoop Sarkar: Active Learning for Multilingual Statistical Machine Translation (work with Reza Haffari)
6 OctPhilip Williams: Towards Statistical Translation with Unification Grammars (Master thesis report)
29 SepPhilipp Koehn: Interactive Assistance to Human Translators using Statistical Machine Translation Methods (software).
22 SepSoft Syntactic Constraints for Word Alignment through Discriminative Training by Colin Cherry & Dekang Lin; and Better Word Alignments with Supervised ITG Models by Aria Haghighi, John Blitzer and Dan Klein
15 SepQuadratic-Time Dependency Parsing for Machine Translation, Michel Galley & Christopher Manning; and A Syntactified Direct Translation Model with Linear-time Decoding by Hany Hassan, Khalil Sima'an and Andy Way
8 SepMichael Auli: Tree-to-String Alignment Models (ISI internship project). Also: MT Summit / NIST postmortem
1 Sepno meeting
25 AugLearning Linear Ordering Problems for Better Translation, by Roy Tromble & Jason Eisner; and Sinuhe -- Statistical Machine Translation using a Globally Trained Conditional Exponential Family Translation Model by Matti Kääriäinen
18 AugPhrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation as a Traveling Salesman Problem by Mikhail Zaslavskiy; Marc Dymetman; Nicola Cancedda
11 AugACL overview
4 AugVisiting students (Andreas Zollmann and Juri Ganitkevitch) talk about their work
28 JulQuasi-Synchronous Grammars: Alignment by Soft Projection of Syntactic Dependencies by David A. Smith & Jason Eisner; and Feature-Rich Translation by Quasi-Synchronous Lattice Parsing, by Kevin Gimpel & Noah Smith
21 JulSynchronous Tree Adjoining Machine Translation, by Steve DeNeefe & Kevin Knight
14 JulGraph-based Learning for Statistical Machine Translation by Andrei Alexandrescu & Katrin Kirchhoff
7 JulEfficient Parsing for Transducer Grammars by John DeNero, Mohit Bansal, Adam Pauls and Dan Klein; and Faster MT Decoding Through Pervasive Laziness, by Michael Pust & Kevin Knight
30 JunFirst- and Second-Order Expectation Semirings with Applications to Minimum-Risk Training on Translation Forests by Zhifei Li & Jason Eisner
23 JunFeasibility of Human-in-the-loop Minimum Error Rate Training by Omar Zaidan & Chris Callison-Burch; and Cube Pruning as Heuristic Search by Mark Hopkins and Greg Langmead
16 JunNAACL Post-mortem
9 JunNo meeting
2 JunNo meeting - NAACL
26 MayA Gibbs Sampler for Phrasal Synchronous Grammar Induction by Phil Blunsom, Trevor Cohn, Chris Dyer and Miles Osborne
19 MayUnsupervised Multilingual Grammar Induction, Benjamin Snyder, Tahira Naseem and Regina Barzilay; and the paper from Philipp's email
12 MayParsers as language models for statistical machine translation by Matt Post, and Daniel Gildea; and Variational Decoding for Statistical Machine Translation by Zhifei Li, Jason Eisner and Sanjeev Khudanpur
5 MayPreference Grammars: Softening Syntactic Constraints to Improve Statistical Machine Translation, Ashish Venugopal, Andreas Zollmann, Noah A. Smith, and Stephan Vogel; and Online EM for unsupervised models by Percy Liang and Dan Klein
28 Apr11,001 new features for statistical machine translation, David Chiang, Kevin Knight, and Wei Wang; and Streaming for large scale NLP: Language Modeling , Amit Goyal, Hal Daume III, and Suresh Venkatasubramanian
21 AprGibbs sampling in phrase-based machine translation
14 AprCorrecting Automatic Translations through Collaborations between MT and Monolingual Target Language Users by Joshua Albrecht, Rebecca Hwa and G. Elisabeta Marai; and Cube Summing, Approximate Inference with Non-Local Features, and Dynamic Programming without Semirings by Kevin Gimpel and Noah A. Smith
7 AprNo meeting
31 MarNo meeting - EACL
24 MarChris Dyer - NAACL talk
17 MarHieu Hoang - Hierarchical Moses
10 MarAdam Lopez - EACL Practice talk
3 MarWMT09 Shared Task Discussion
24 FebMichael Auli - EACL Practice talk
17 FebContext-dependent alignment models for statistical machine translation. by J. Brunning, A. de Gispert, and W. Byrne.
10 FebTwo Languages are Better than One (for Syntactic Parsing) by David Burkett and Dan Klein; and Hierarchical phrase-based translation with weighted finite state transducers. by G. Iglesias Iglesias, A. de Gispert, E. R. Banga, and W. Byrne.
3 FebTransSearch: What are translators looking for? by Elliott Macklovitch, Guy Lapalme and Fabrizio Gotti; and A Simple and Effective Hierarchical Phrase Reordering Model by Michel Galley and Christopher D. Manning
27 JanNo meeeting - MT Marathon
20 JanSampling Alignment Structure under a Bayesian Translation Model by John DeNero, Alexandre Bouchard-Côté and Dan Klein; Language and Translation Model Adaptation using Comparable Corpora by Matthew Snover, Bonnie Dorr and Richard Schwartz


25 NovLattice Minimum Bayes-Risk Decoding for Statistical Machine Translation by Roy Tromble and Shankar Kumar and Franz Och and Wolfgang Macherey; Lattice-based Minimum Error Rate Training for Statistical Machine Translation by Wolfgang Macherey and Franz Och and Ignacio Thayer and Jakob Uszkoreit
18 Nov Decomposability of Translation Metrics for Improved Evaluation and Efficient Algorithms by David Chiang Steve DeNeefe, Yee Seng Chan and Hwee Tou Ng and Syntactic Models for Structural Word Insertion and Deletion during Translation by Arul Menezes and Chris Quirk
11 NovAbby Levenberg First Year Report
4 NovEMNLP debrief, report from Eva Hasler on maxent based reordering
28 OctNo meeting - EMNLP
21 OctNo meeting - EMNLP
14 OctDry run of EMNLP paper: Probabilistic Inference for Machine Translation with Millions of Sparse Features and a Language Model by Phil Blunsom and Miles Osborne
7 OctResearch update from Abhishek and Online Large-Margin Training of Syntactic and Structural Translation Features by David Chiang, Yuval Marton and Philip Resnik
30 Sep Coarse-to-Fine Syntactic Machine Translation using Language Projections by Slav Petrov, Aria Haghighi and Dan Klein
23 SepIntroductions from the new PhD students and Extracting synchronous grammar rules from word-level alignments in linear time by Hao Zhang, Daniel Gildea and David Chiang
16 SepReading the Markets: Forecasting Public Opinion of Political Candidates by News Analysis by Kevin Lerman, Ari Gilder, Mark Dredze and Fernando Pereira and Linguistically Annotated BTG for Statistical Machine Translation by Deyi Xiong, Min Zhang, Aiti Aw and Haizhou Li
9 SepNo meeting - IRTG summer school talks today
2 SepRegenerating Hypotheses for Statistical Machine Translation by Boxing Chen, Min Zhang, Aiti Aw and Haizhou Li and Phrasal segmentation models for statistical machine translation by Graeme Blackwood, Adrià de Gispert and William Byrne
26 AugColing post-mortem
19 AugNo meeting - Coling
12 AugGetting the Structure Right for Word Alignment: LEAF by Alex Fraser and Daniel Marcu; and The Complexity of Phrase Alignment Problems by John DeNero and Dan Klein
5 AugBayesian Learning of Non-Compositional Phrases with Synchronous Parsing by Hao Zhang and Chris Quirk and Robert C. Moore and Daniel Gildea
29 JulA Systematic Comparison of Phrase-Based, Hierarchical and Syntax-Augmented Statistical MT. by Andreas Zollmann, Ashish Venugopal, Franz Och and Jay Ponte; and Generalizing Word Lattice Translation by Christopher Dyer, Smaranda Muresan, Philip Resnik
22 JulGrishma Govani will be talking about her work on English-Hindi translation and we'll be discussing Name Translation in Statistical Machine Translation - Learning When to Transliterate by Ulf Hermjakob, Kevin Knight and Hal Daumé III
15 JulDistributed Word Clustering for Large Scale Class-Based Language Modeling in Machine Translation by Jakob Uszkoreit & Thorsten Brants and Randomized Language Models via Perfect Hash Functions by David Talbot & Thorsten Brants
1 JulA New String-to-Dependency Machine Translation Algorithm with a Target Dependency Language Model by Libin Shen, Jinxi Xu, Ralph Weischedel and Cohesive Phrase-Based Decoding for Statistical Machine Translation by Colin Cherry
25 JunLexi Birch: Multiple Reorderings in Phrase-Based Machine Translation by Niyu Ge, Abe Ittycheriah, Kishore Papineni and Syntactic Reordering Integrated with Phrase-Based SMT by Jakob Elming


2 OctPhil Blunsom: Generative Models of Noisy Translations with Applications to Parallel Fragment Extraction by Chris Quirk, Raghavendra Udupa U., Arul Menezes
25 SepGroup meeting
18 SepTrevor Cohn: Unsupervised Estimation for Noisy-Channel Models by M. Mylonakis, K. Sima'an and R. Hwa (ICML 2007)
4 SepPhilipp Koehn: Improved Word-Level System Combination for Machine Translation by Antti-Veikko I. Rosti and Spyros Matsoukas and Richard Schwartz (ACL 2007); Lefteris Avramidis: Enriching Input in Statistical Machine Translation, MSc project
28 AugAlexandra Birch: The impact of parse quality on syntactically-informed statistical machine translation by Chris Quirk and Simon Corston-Oliver (EMNLP 2006)
21 AugGroup meeting
7 AugTrevor Cohn: Improving Word Alignment with Bridge Languages by Shankar Kumar, Franz J. Och and Wolfgang Macherey (EMNLP 2007); Hieu Hoang: Deep Grammars in a Tree Labeling Approach to Syntax-based Statistical Machine Translation by Mark Hopkins and Jonas Kuhn (ACL 2007 Workshop on Deep Linguistic Processing)
31 JulJosh Schroeder: Computing Consensus Translation from Multiple Machine Translation Systems Using Enhanced Hypotheses Alignment by Evgeny Matusov, Nicola Ueffing, Hermann Ney (EACL 2006) and Computing Consensus Translation from Multiple Machine Translation Systems by Srinivas Bangalore, German Bordel, Giuseppe Riccardi (ASRU 2001); Lefteris Avramidis: Improving Statistical Machine Translation Using Word Sense Disambiguation by Marine Carpuat and Dekai Wu (EMNLP 2007)
24 JulPhil Blunsom: Forest Rescoring: Faster Decoding with Integrated Language Models by Liang Huang and David Chiang (ACL 2007); Miles Osborne: Continuous Space Language Models for Statistical Machine Translation by Holger Schwenk, Daniel Dechelotte, Jean-Luc Gauvain (ACL 2006)
17 JulAlexandra Birch: Improving Translation Quality by Discarding Most of the Phrasetable by Johnson et al (EMNLP 2007); Trevor Cohn: Online Large-Margin Training for Statistical Machine Translation by Taro Watanabe, Jun Suzuki, Hajime Tsukada and Hideki Isozaki (EMNLP 2007)
19 JunAlexandra Birch: Inversion Transduction Grammar for Joint Phrasal Translation Modeling by Colin Cherry, Dekang Lin (NAACL 2007) and A Discriminative Syntactic Word Order Model for Machine Translation by Pi-Chuan Chang, Kristina Toutanova (ACL 2007)
12 JunJosh Schroeder: A Re-examination of Machine Learning Approaches for Sentence-Level MT Evaluation by Joshua Albrecht and Rebecca Hwa and Regression for Sentence-Level MT Evaluation with Pseudo References by Joshua Albrecht and Rebecca Hwa (ACL 2007)
5 JunMiles Osborne: Transductive learning for statistical machine translation by Nicola Ueffing, Gholamreza Haffari and Anoop Sarkar (ACL 2007)
22 MayHieu Hoang: Chunk-Level Reordering of Source Language Sentences with Automatically Learned Rules for Statistical Machine Translation by Yuqi Zhang, Richard Zens, Hermann Ney (NAACL 2007); Abhishek Arun: A Log-Linear Block Transliteration Model based on Bi-Stream HMMs by Bing Zhao; Nguyen Bach; Ian Lane; Stephan Vogel (NAACL 2007)
15 MayPhil Blunsom: Kernel Regression Based Machine Translation by Zhuoran Wang, John Shawe-Taylor, Sandor Szedmak (NAACL 2007); Miles Osborne: Combining Outputs from Multiple Machine Translation Systems by Antti-Veikko Rosti, Necip Fazil Ayan, Bing Xiang, Spyros Matsoukas, Richard Schwartz, Bonnie Dorr (NAACL 2007)
10 MayAlexandra Birch: Direct Translation Model 2 by Abraham Ittycheriah and Salim Roukos (NAACL 2007); Trevor Cohn: Source-Language Features and Maximum Correlation Training for Machine Translation Evaluation by Ding Liu, Daniel Gildea (NAACL 2007)
24 AprGroup meeting
13 MarPhilipp Koehn: Factored translation results


12 JulACL 2006 Paper: Trevor Cohn: An End-to-End Discriminative Approach to Machine Translation by P. Liang, Alexandre Bouchard-Cote, D. Klein and B. Taskar
28 JunPlanning meeting for NIST Eval
30 MayNAACL 2006 Paper: Alexandra Birch: Synchronous Binarization for Machine Translation by Hao Zhang, Lian Huang, Daniel Gildea and Kevin Knight
23 MayNAACL 2006 Paper: Chris Callison-Burch: Paraphrasing for Automatic Evaluation by David Kauchak and Regina Barzilay
16 MayWMT06 Paper: Alexandra Birch: Why Generative Phrase Models Underperform Surface Heuristics by John DeNero, Dan Gillick, James Zhang and Dan Klein
10 MayWMT06 Papers: Chris Callison-Burch: "Contextual Bitext-Derived Paraphrases in Automatic MT Evaluation" by Karolina Owczarzak, Declan Groves, Josef Van Genabith and Andy Way; Trevor Cohn: "N-Gram Posterior Probabilities for Statistical Machine Translation" by Richard Zens and Hermann Ney; Abhishek Arun: "Syntax Augmented Machine Translation via Chart Parsing" by Andreas Zollmann and Ashish Venugopal
4 MayPhilipp Koehn: Manual and Automatic MT Evaluation
25 AprChris Callison-Burch: Grammatical Machine Translation by Stefan Riezler and John Maxwell. Hieu Hoang: Progress on Moses.
18 AprPhilipp Koehn: "Computing Consensus Translation from Multiple Machine Translation Systems Using Enhanced Hypotheses Alignment" (EACL06) by Evgeny Matusov, Nicola Ueffing, Hermann Ney. Chris Callison-Burch: "A Comparison of Syntactically Motivated Word Alignment Spaces" (EACL06) by Colin Cherry, Dekang Lin
11 AprPhilipp Koehn: Research in the GALE program
4 AprAmittai Axelrod: Report from TC-STAR OpenLab 2006 workshop (program)
14 MarDavid Talbot: Recent research on reducing redundant morphology
7 MarReview of Research in the AGILE consortium
21 Feb"An Empirical Study of Smoothing Techniques for Language Modeling", by Stanley Chen and Joshua Goodman
14 FebPhilipp Koehn: Introduction to Smoothing in Language Models
7 Feb"Phrase-Based Backoff Models for Machine Translation of Highly Inflected Languages" by Mei Yang and Kathrin Kirchhoff
24 JanGroup Meeting
10 JanGroup Meeting


12 DecAbhishek Arun: Minimum Error Rate Training for Statistical Machine Translation by Franz Och and Considerations in Maximum Mutual Information and Minimum Classification Error Training for Statistical Machine Translation by Ashish Venugopal, Stephan Vogel
5 DecDavid Talbot: "Improving Statistical MT through Morphological Analysis" by Sharon Goldwater and David McClosky and "Automatic Discovery of Non-Compositional Compounds in Parallel Data", by Dan Melamed
28 NovGroup Meeting
21 NovGroup Meeting
7 NovAmittai Axelrod: "Clustered Language Models based on Regular Expressions for SMT", by Sasa Hasan and Hermann Ney
30 OctPhilipp Koehn: I will share some impressions from the IWSLT workshop.
13 SepChris Callison-Burch: "BLANC: Learning Evaluation Metrics for MT", by Lucian Vlad Lita, Monica Rogati and Alon Lavie (CMU)
6 SepPlanning Meeting
30 AugPhilipp Koehn: "Local Phrase Reordering Models for Statistical Machine Translation", by Shankar Kumar and William Byrne
26 JulAmittai Axelrod, David Talbot: "Novel Reordering Approaches In Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation", by S. Kanthak, D. Vilar, E. Matusov, R. Zens, and H. Ney "Reordering Constraints for Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation", by R. Zens, H. Ney, T. Watanabe, and E. Sumita
19 JulPhilipp Koehn: a second look at: "Dependency Tree Translation: Syntactically Informed Phrasal SMT", Chris Quirk, Arul Menezes, Colin Cherry MSR Report
12 JulAmittai Axelrod: Ongoing work for Master thesis
5 JulPhilipp Koehn: Lessons from NIST MT Eval 2005, Inspirations from ACL 2005
14 JunAmittai Axelrod, Alexandra Birch Mayne, David Talbot: ACL papers "Dependency Treelet Translation: Syntactically Informed Phrasal SMT", Chris Quirk, Arul Menezes and Colin Cherry "Log-linear Models for Word Alignment", Yang Liu, Qun Liu and Shouxun Lin "A Localized Prediction Model for Statistical Machine Translation", Christoph Tillmann and Tong Zhang
7 JunChris Callison-Burch: Linear-B Open Source Initiative
24 MayAmittai Axelrod: ACL Paper "A Hierachical Phrase-Based Model for Statistical Machine Translation", David Chiang.
17 MayGroup Meeting Reflections on NIST MT Eval 2005
10 MayGroup Meeting NIST MT Eval 2005 Progress
3 MayGroup Meeting NIST MT Eval 2005 Progress
26 AprGroup Meeting NIST MT Eval 2005 Progress
19 AprGroup Meeting NIST MT Eval 2005 Progress
12 AprGroup Meeting NIST MT Eval 2005 Progress
5 AprPhilipp Koehn: Reranking and Minimum Error Rate Training
29 MarPhilipp Koehn: Challenges in Arabic-English MT
22 MarPhilipp Koehn: Issues in Preprocessing
15 MarPhilipp Koehn: Baseline System Performance
8 MarPhilipp Koehn: DARPA MT Eval 2005 This and the following sessions will focus on a group effort to do well in the upcoming DARPA MT Eval competition. More public meetings will be announced.
1 MarPhilipp Koehn: Intro to my Phrase-Based MT System. This will be a more practical walk-through session to learn everything about Pharaoh.
23 FebPhilipp Koehn: Intro to my Phrase-Based MT System. I give an overview of my machine translation system as it currently works. I cover both the theory (what is going on?) and the practice (how do I get it to run?).
16 FebPlanning Meeting
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