June 7 - 8, 2012
Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Thursday, June 7, 2012

9:00–9:10Opening Remarks: Future Funding and Research Survey Wiki
 Session 1: Shared Tasks and their Evaluation
9:10–9:30Putting Human Assessments of Machine Translation Systems in Order
Adam Lopez
9:30–10:30Findings of the 2012 Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation
Chris Callison-Burch, Philipp Koehn, Christof Monz, Matt Post, Radu Soricut and Lucia Specia
 Session 2: Shared Quality Estimation and Metrics Tasks
11:00–12:40Poster Session: Evaluation Metrics
 Semantic Textual Similarity for MT evaluation
Julio Castillo and Paula Estrella
 Improving AMBER, an MT Evaluation Metric
Boxing Chen, Roland Kuhn and George Foster
 TerrorCat: a Translation Error Categorization-based MT Quality Metric
Mark Fishel, Rico Sennrich, Maja Popović and Ondrej Bojar
 Class error rates for evaluation of machine translation output
Maja Popovic
 SPEDE: Probabilistic Edit Distance Metrics for MT Evaluation
Mengqiu Wang and Christopher Manning
11:00–12:40Poster Session: Quality Estimation Task
 Quality estimation for Machine Translation output using linguistic analysis and decoding features
Eleftherios Avramidis
 Black Box Features for the WMT 2012 Quality Estimation Shared Task
Christian Buck
 Linguistic Features for Quality Estimation
Mariano Felice and Lucia Specia
 PRHLT Submission to the WMT12 Quality Estimation Task
Jesús González-Rubio, Alberto Sanchís and Francisco Casacuberta
 Tree Kernels for Machine Translation Quality Estimation
Christian Hardmeier, Joakim Nivre and Jörg Tiedemann
 LORIA System for the WMT12 Quality Estimation Shared Task
David Langlois, Sylvain Raybaud and Kamel Smaïli
 Quality Estimation: an experimental study using unsupervised similarity measures
Erwan Moreau and Carl Vogel
 The UPC Submission to the WMT 2012 Shared Task on Quality Estimation
Daniele Pighin, Meritxell González and Lluís Màrquez
 Morpheme- and POS-based IBM1 and language model scores for translation quality estimation
Maja Popovic
 DCU-Symantec Submission for the WMT 2012 Quality Estimation Task
Raphael Rubino, Jennifer Foster, Joachim Wagner, Johann Roturier, Rasul Samad Zadeh Kaljahi and Fred Hollowood
 The SDL Language Weaver Systems in the WMT12 Quality Estimation Shared Task
Radu Soricut, Nguyen Bach and Ziyuan Wang
 Regression with Phrase Indicators for Estimating MT Quality
Chunyang Wu and Hai Zhao
 Session 3: Invited Talk
14:00–15:30Salim Roukos: Deployment of SMT for the IBM Enterprise
 Session 4: Confidence Estimation and System Combination
16:00–16:20Non-Linear Models for Confidence Estimation
Yong Zhuang, Guillaume Wisniewski and François Yvon
16:20–16:40Combining Quality Prediction and System Selection for Improved Automatic Translation Output
Radu Soricut and Sushant Narsale
16:40–17:00Match without a Referee: Evaluating MT Adequacy without Reference Translations
Yashar Mehdad, Matteo Negri and Marcello Federico
17:00–17:20Comparing human perceptions of post-editing effort with post-editing operations
Maarit Koponen
17:20–17:40Review of Hypothesis Alignment Algorithms for MT System Combination via Confusion Network Decoding
Antti-Veikko Rosti, Xiaodong He, Damianos Karakos, Gregor Leusch, Yuan Cao, Markus Freitag, Spyros Matsoukas, Hermann Ney, Jason Smith and Bing Zhang

Friday, June 8, 2012

 Session 5: Reordering, Syntax and Semantics
9:00–9:20On Hierarchical Re-ordering and Permutation Parsing for Phrase-based Decoding
Colin Cherry, Robert C. Moore and Chris Quirk
9:20–9:40CCG Syntactic Reordering Models for Phrase-based Machine Translation
Dennis Nolan Mehay and Christopher Hardie Brew
9:40–10:00Using Categorial Grammar to Label Translation Rules
Jonathan Weese, Chris Callison-Burch and Adam Lopez
10:00–10:20Using Syntactic Head Information in Hierarchical Phrase-Based Translation
Junhui Li, Zhaopeng Tu, Guodong Zhou and Josef van Genabith
10:20–10:40Fully Automatic Semantic MT Evaluation
Chi-kiu Lo, Anand Karthik Tumuluru and Dekai Wu
 Session 6: Translation Task
11:00–12:40Poster Session: Translation Task
 Probes in a Taxonomy of Factored Phrase-Based Models
Ondrej Bojar, Bushra Jawaid and Amir Kamran
 The CMU-Avenue French-English Translation System
Michael Denkowski, Greg Hanneman and Alon Lavie
 Formemes in English-Czech Deep Syntactic MT
Ondrej Dušek, Zdenek Žabokrtský, Martin Popel, Martin Majliš, Michal Novák and David Mareček
 The TALP-UPC phrase-based translation systems for WMT12: Morphology simplification and domain adaptation
Lluis Formiga, Carlos A. Henríquez Q., Adolfo Hernández, José B. Mariño, Enric Monte and José A. R. Fonollosa
 Joshua 4.0: Packing, PRO, and Paraphrases
Juri Ganitkevitch, Yuan Cao, Jonathan Weese, Matt Post and Chris Callison-Burch
 Syntax-aware Phrase-based Statistical Machine Translation: System Description
Ulrich Germann
 QCRI at WMT12: Experiments in Spanish-English and German-English Machine Translation of News Text
Francisco Guzman, Preslav Nakov, Ahmed Thabet and Stephan Vogel
 The RWTH Aachen Machine Translation System for WMT 2012
Matthias Huck, Stephan Peitz, Markus Freitag, Malte Nuhn and Hermann Ney
 Machine Learning for Hybrid Machine Translation
Sabine Hunsicker, Chen Yu and Christian Federmann
 Towards Effective Use of Training Data in Statistical Machine Translation
Philipp Koehn and Barry Haddow
 Joint WMT 2012 Submission of the QUAERO Project
Freitag Markus, Peitz Stephan, Huck Matthias, Ney Hermann, Niehues Jan, Herrmann Teresa, Waibel Alex, Hai-son Le, Lavergne Thomas, Allauzen Alexandre, Buschbeck Bianka, Crego Joseph Maria and Senellart Jean
Hai-Son Le, Thomas Lavergne, Alexandre Allauzen, Marianna Apidianaki, Li Gong, Aurélien Max, Artem Sokolov, Guillaume Wisniewski and François Yvon
 UPM system for WMT 2012
Verónica López-Ludeña, Rubén San-Segundo and Juan M. Montero
 PROMT DeepHybrid system for WMT12 shared translation task
Alexander Molchanov
 The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Translation Systems for the WMT 2012
Jan Niehues, Yuqi Zhang, Mohammed Mediani, Teresa Herrmann, Eunah Cho and Alex Waibel
 Kriya - The SFU System for Translation Task at WMT-12
Majid Razmara, Baskaran Sankaran, Ann Clifton and Anoop Sarkar
 DEPFIX: A System for Automatic Correction of Czech MT Outputs
Rudolf Rosa, David Mareček and OndÅ™ej Dušek
 LIUM's SMT Machine Translation Systems for WMT 2012
Christophe Servan, Patrik Lambert, Anthony Rousseau, Holger Schwenk and Loïc Barrault
 Selecting Data for English-to-Czech Machine Translation
Aleš Tamchyna, Petra Galuščáková, Amir Kamran, Miloš Stanojević and Ondrej Bojar
 DFKI’s SMT System for WMT 2012
David Vilar
 GHKM Rule Extraction and Scope-3 Parsing in Moses
Philip Williams and Philipp Koehn
 Data Issues of the Multilingual Translation Matrix
Daniel Zeman
 Session 7: Corpus Creation and Adaptation
14:00–14:20Constructing Parallel Corpora for Six Indian Languages via Crowdsourcing
Matt Post, Chris Callison-Burch and Miles Osborne
14:20–14:40Twitter Translation using Translation-Based Cross-Lingual Retrieval
Laura Jehl, Felix Hieber and Stefan Riezler
14:40–15:00Analysing the Effect of Out-of-Domain Data on SMT Systems
Barry Haddow and Philipp Koehn
15:00–15:20Evaluating the Learning Curve of Domain Adaptive Statistical Machine Translation Systems
Nicola Bertoldi, Mauro Cettolo, Marcello Federico and Christian Buck
15:20–15:40The Trouble with SMT Consistency
Marine Carpuat and Michel Simard
 Session 8: Phrase Model Training and Optimization
16:00–16:20Phrase Model Training for Statistical Machine Translation with Word Lattices of Preprocessing Alternatives
Joern Wuebker and Hermann Ney
16:20–16:40Leave-One-Out Phrase Model Training for Large-Scale Deployment
Joern Wuebker, Mei-Yuh Hwang and Chris Quirk
16:40–17:00Direct Error Rate Minimization for Statistical Machine Translation
Tagyoung Chung and Michel Galley
17:00–17:20Optimization Strategies for Online Large-Margin Learning in Machine Translation
Vladimir Eidelman